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GCSE Science Revision Tricks

Sciences can be super overwhelming, particularly when there is so much to cover, over the three separate exams – Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Our advice – believe in yourself, don’t stress and take your time to figure out which areas need the most work. We have listed GCSE Science Revision Tricks to help you through!

The best GCSE Science Revision Tricks

1. Learn and memorise the key words! Key words can always be found in the back of textbooks or online. The more familiar with these words you are, the less likely you are ever going to get thrown off by an exam question – often you will recognise the key word, which will be your cue. When revising, using cue cards so that you can create a mental association between each key word and a thorough response.

2. This is more of an exam tip than a GCSE Science Revision Tricks but ensure that you are getting in to the habit writing as many points as there are marks available. During exams, the more you write, the more likely you will pick up the marks. Sounds obvious right? Well you’d be surprised how many people do not consider this and it is a methodical way of picking up marks.

3. Ensure that you are familiar with the definition of exam instructions. If the question says to “describe”, “analyse”, “explain” or “state”, you MUST know exactly what this means and what the examiner will be looking for in your response. The definitions of each of these instructions are quite specific and it could be the difference between no marks and full marks!

4. Don’t underestimate the power of one mark questions! These make up the majority of GCSE science exams so it’s definitely worth giving them full attention and not rushing them. If you get into a habit of taking a minute per mark, you will guarantee that you give these questions the time that they deserve.

5. ALWAYS show your working! In science you get marked for your workings out, so this is one of the best GCSE Science Revision Tricks . You may one simple mistake in your conclusion but if they examiner can see that you were correct in your workings and in the lead up to your final answer, you will still receive some marks. If you just give the answer and it is incorrect – no marks for you!

6. One of the brilliant GCSE Science revision tricksto utilise is past exam papers. Do as many as is humanly possible, first with the mark scheme and once familiar, all in STRICT exam conditions. The first ones will be tough but the more you do, the less daunting it will be when the actual exam comes up. Also, you will notice a lot of repeated question and question styles!

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Learning direct from a textbook is hard and somewhat daunting so asking others to give you a helping hand with particularly troubling areas is nothing to be ashamed of! Whether it’s a study buddy, tutor or parent, a bit of support can make the task seem less stressful and take some pressure away.

There is no right or wrong way to revise, but if you keep these GCSE science revision tricks in mind, it will absolutely make your life easier.

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