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GCSE Maths Revision Tricks

Here we have put together some of the best GCSE Maths Revision Tricks available
One of the hardest subjects to revise is Maths. Is so easy become demotivated when you hit a difficult topic and have nobody around to help you understand. Do not fear, our expert dorks at dorkaid have put together some helpful GCSE Maths Revision Tricks to ensure you are not alone when you encounter those tricky areas. First things first – do not neglect the areas that you already feel confident in. It can be tempting to attack those areas that you feel you know nothing about, assuming that your better subjects do not require any additional work. THEY DO! Make sure you revise these regularly to ensure they are rock solid. These are your bankers and the marks you must guarantee. Next, identify your weaknesses. More importantly, identify the specific weaknesses within the topics that are causing you trouble. How can you learn and revise a trouble area if you haven’t identified what it is within that area that is the problem. This sounds obvious but is one of the GCSE Maths Revision Tricks that is often overlooked. Make lists–This is the easiest way to stay on top of everything and when it comes to GCSE’s, organisation is everything. You cannot be expected to manage that many subject, all at once, without first ensuring that you are organised and methodical in your approach. If you adopt a meaningful approach as one of your GCSE Maths Revision Tricks, you will be more efficient. When revising, get used to writing down as much as possible and showing your workings. This is one of the key GCSEMaths Revision Tricks, that is very easy to employ but many make the mistake of abandoning. The more workings that you can show, the more chance you give yourself of picking up an extra mark, or even picking up a mark when your answer is wrong. Take your time to learn the mark scheme. GCSE’s aren’t just about your ability to answer the questions, it is about answering the questions in the way that the examiners expect you to. This is the best exam hack for any subject but especially Maths. Hopefully these GCSE maths revision tricks will help you with your revision and enable you to do the best that you possibly can in your upcoming exams! If you are interested in working with an elite university student on a regular basis, who can act as your study buddy, why not book one our dorkaid mentors? They can even help you with your GCSE Maths Help Online! Get your first hour session for free, quoting #firstmentorfree! Email NOW. Or book online at

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