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GCSE Maths Revision Guide

Why is it important to ensure that you use a GCSE Math Revision Guide?

For most, the Maths exam is the most daunting of all to tackle. Why? Because there is just so much to cover.

So, being the helpful stars at dorkaid that we are, we have put together a brief but helpful GCSE Maths Revision Guide, which will enable you to keep on top of the barrage of work that is coming your way!

Basic tips for your GCSE Maths Revision Guide

1. Sounds obvious but start with the basics. When revising the topics, make sure that you are competent with all of the basic topics before attempting to tackle the more challenging ones. The basics give you the foundation required to understand the more complex areas. Until you are 100% competent with the fundamentals, you will struggle to understand the rest.

(For example, if you are not fully confident finding the LCM or HCF of a number, don’t dive straight to geometric sequences!).

2. Past papers, past papers, past papers! Repeat, repeat and repeat again.. This is a laborious and repetitive task but we cannot stress the importance enough. Focusing on past papers will drill home technique, key words and question patterns. This is half the battle as you must understand how the examiners expect you to respond to questions if you are going to give yourself the chance to obtain maximum marks.

3. Youtube – another great tool to consider when configuring your GCSE Maths Revision Guide as this excellent resource can prove extremely effective for auditory and visual learners, who engage better with video content. There are tons of videos available online, which people can use to work on isolated, topic based, problem areas. It can be really helpful to have tricky areas explained to you by someone other than a teacher.

4. Phone a friend – it’s not “Who want to be a millionaire” and you are not limited to a single lifeline. Your greatest resource is those around you. No GCSE maths revision guide can be effective without also reaching out for help advice every now and then. It can be daunting to raise a hand in class or ask a friend for some help but we are much more effective when we work together. Remember, we are all in the same boat and you will probably be surprised that by reaching out to others, you will give them the confidence to ask you for some help in return.

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